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Professional Towing Company Dallas

For secure, damage-free towing, you can count on us at Ron’s Towing and Recovery. Our drivers are CERTIFIED Tow Truck Operators and we are avaliable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   214-351-4201

Fast Response Times
When you are stranded roadside, getting assistance quickly is vital. When you call Ron’s Towing and Recovery, you are our priority. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality tow company service at the best rates. Contact Ron’s Towing and Recovery for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.

Ron’s Towing A Reliable Towing Company


Our trained tow truck operators at Ron’s Towing and Recovery offers valuable towing services to the residents of Dallas, and to those who are passing through. Whether you drive a passenger car or own a fleet of commercial vehicles, we have the equipment and the experience to get you back on the road quickly.

  • Light Duty Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Trained Operators
  • Accident Recovery
  • Winching Service
  • Equipment Transport
  • Heavy Lifting Service
  • Load Shifts
  • Abandoned Truck Recovery
  • Load Shifts
  • Desiel Pusher Towing
  • Roadside Assistants
  • Tire Change Service
  • Unlock Service
  • Fuel Delivery

Towing Company And More…

Heavy Duty Towing


Do you have a loaded tractor-trailer at a standstill roadside due to a breakdown? Whether you are a single operator or a fleet operator, you can count on Ron’s Towing and Recovery to quickly and professionally tow your truck.

Residential Towing


From a two-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, SUV, and four-wheel-drive vehicle, Ron’s Towing and Recovery are available to tow your vehicle no matter the time of day or the weather. If you’ve got a problem roadside, no problem, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Towing


Whether you have a fleet of utility trucks, vans, or box trucks, Ron’s Towing has a fleet of state of the art trucks and staffed trained operators to meet all your towing and recovery needs. We are the go-to towing team you can count on.

24 Hour Towing


No one likes to have to call for a tow truck company. Even more so when it’s at the wee hours of the night, Ron’s Towing and Recovery truly understands that a break never happens at the “right time,” so you can count on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Roadside Assistance


Did you lock your keys in your vehicle? Maybe, you ran out of gas? No worries, we’ve got you covered and more. Whether you need a jump start, tire change, or a winch, our skilled team will quickly get you taken care of to get back on track with your day.

Certified Operators


 Ron’s Towing and Recovery is a true believer in safety. Therefore, for your safety, we employ only experienced certified tow truck operators. Our team has successfully towed and recovered more vehicles than we can count. No one likes to have to call for a tow company; it pays to call us.

How To Find A Tow Company In Dallas

The fastest way to find a towing company to tow your vehicle, whether it’s a commercial vehicle or a passenger vehicle, is to pick up the phone and call Ron’s Towing and Recovery. Here at Ron’s, it doesn’t matter what you are driving because we have the equipment and trained manpower to tow anything that rolls. Therefore, when you call us, you can rest assured you will be getting a fast tow company and an honest roadside assistance company you are looking for.


Can I Get A ride Home With My Car?

Not all towing companies are willing to give you a ride home with your car. A reputable towing company will take you home with your car when you need it towed there.

It’s challenging for motorists when stranded roadside. One of those challenges is not knowing how the process works and what to expect, especially if you haven’t had your car towed for awhile.

Allow us to put your mind at ease. Whether you need your car towed due to an engine failure or a flat tire with no spare, we’ll get to you quickly, off the road safely, and even take you home with your vehicle.

At Ron’s Towing, our team is highly skilled, certified, and qualified to get you out of whatever roadside mishap you may be in. With this simple truth, you know you will be calling the best company to get the job done for you quickly and professionally.


The Most Reliable Towing Service In Dallas

Ron’s Towing is the most reliable tow company in Dallas, Texas. We’ve been in business since 1978. Our tow truck operators are DLR Incident Management trained and certified professionals and use only the highest standard equipment for your safety. Couple with the fact our drivers know their way around any make, model, and size of any vehicle, we can get you out of any predicament.

To add to our reliability, we are fully insured for the safety of you and your vehicle. So, if a mishap should occur while towing light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles, you can rest assured your vehicle will be covered. We provide all of our services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, because when it comes to choosing a tow company for towing or roadside assistance, you will a tow truck company that will come out whenever you need them. Call us, Ron’s Towing, we’ll always here for you.

We work closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety